"With these new instruments, Dr. Sanchez has transcended his role as a Clinician to Inventor.  I have had the privilege to use these innovative and unique instruments on many cases, and they are now a compulsory part of my operative armamentarium. It is evident with every use how much attention to critical details have gone into their fabrication. Clinically, they are perfect for Direct Veneers and virtually any Anterior composite. Recreating ideal contours has never been easier!
In the lab, the sky is the limit. Wax ups, Festooning, and Indirect Veneers are just a few examples of their use. In reality, CASI instruments are so versatile new uses seem to pop up with every case. I now use them routinely as cord packers as well! I am very pleased with my instruments and applaud Dr. Sanchez for his imaginative clinical approach to their design."
- Dr. Luis Crespo, DDS
  Kannapolis, NC

“Whether it’s a large Class IV or a gingival Class V,  The CASI composite instrument works perfectly for anterior restorations. The non-stick surface and sharp thin edge of the different instrument ends allow you to get around line angles and trim extra material without worrying that the composite will stick to the instrument and pull where you don’t want it.  The curve and flexibility of the working ends make it function better than a brush for smoothing and spreading the composite while also tamping and condensing the material into the preparation like a plastic instrument.  This dual functionality allows me to pick up only one instrument to shape my restorations from start to finish!“
-Nathan Benassi D.D.S.
 Benassi Family Dentistry. 

" The CASI-3 has transformed the way I approach anterior restorations. It simplifies the process of restoring an anterior direct composite by expediting the restoration process and improving the accuracy of the tooth's contour. The CASI-3 is now my "go-to" instrument for direct composites."

 -Dr. Patty Pekras DDS
   Gran Rapids, MI

"I love the CASI instrument! The set of Anterior instruments help you create ideal three-dimensional contours easily and quickly.  The 35-degree angulation allows you to reach into those tight interproximal spaces. The unique oval-shaped heads aid in the final contouring of the restorations.

The group of Posterior instruments helps to create restorations quickly with ideal occlusal anatomy and marginal ridges. My occlusal adjustment time has been signicantly reduced!"


-Dr. Molly Vick DDS

  Concord NC 



"I was first introduced to CASI instruments several months ago. My first instinct was "this is genius, why wasn't this already designed!". As a periodontist, I take great pride in delivering the highest quality of dentistry I am capable of. CASI has made this easier in several ways. Currently, I am using them to free hand my implant provisional crowns. Knowing the importance of a provision in training the gingiva to obtain the most aesthetic and predictable results, I am loving what this instrument can do for me!"             


-Sarmad Paydar, DDS. MS


"If you're a cosmetic Dentist this is a must have instrument, or if your looking for instrument to help improve efficiency. You should consider adding the CASI. I have, and I really have enjoy the ease of use."


-Dr. Chris Hickson

  Burlington, WI

"The  contours of the instrument help me develop  natural shapes which minimizes my finishing time every time. Finally, An instrument that makes sense!"

-Dr. George Sanchez DMD
  Punta Gorda, Fl


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