Why Choose CASI

  • Promotes the development of Three Facial Plane Veneer Contours on any Anterior Tooth Structure

  • Facilitates the contour for both Mesial and Distal line angles in addition to Lingual Contours

  • Aids in creating matrix free Lingual and Facial shelves

  • Establishes a Global Primary Tooth Anatomy

  • Facilitates restoring Class III,Class IV, and Class V

  • Increases efficiency in Anterior Direct Composite Veneer Bonding

  • Serves for Retraction Cord placement

About CASI

CASI, created by Aesthecon®, has transcended today's technology of all current restorative composite instruments. It's built-in convexity and anatomical curvature creates an advantage over any Anterior dental instrument in the industry.


CASI was passionately designed to achieve the profile, contour, and direct

morphology of a natural tooth structure. 

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